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Colita Rosita Party Songs CD

This fabulous CD is a collection of 16 Spanish songs. It includes five Christmas songs, one New Year song, and one Birthday song. These songs are carefully arranged in a modern and exciting way, which will sure be a hit at children’s parties!

An excellent gift for all occasions! Ideal for Christmas, birthday parties, classroom celebrations, in the car, or whenever children want to have fun!

CD Sample Songs: #  Lista de Canciones

1. Conejita, 2. Colitas, 3. El Tren, 4. Animales, 5. El Niño Mentiroso, 6. El Lobo, 7. Quiquiriqui, 8. El Nabo, 9. El Gatito Peludo, 10. Feliz Cumpleanos, 11. Cascabel, 12. Santa Esta Tarde, 13. Trineo de Renos, 14. Santa Clos, 15. La Navidad, 16. El Año Nuevo.

Click on the Green Button with the Arrow to sample a song.

Song NamePlay
01 Conejita

02 Colitas

03 El Tren

04 Animales

05 El Nino Mentiroso

06 El Lobo

07 Quiquiriqui

08 El Nabo

09 El Gatito Peludo

10 Feliz Cumpleanos

11 Cascabel

12 Santa Esta Tarde

13 Trineo de Renos

14 Santa Clos

15 La Navidad

16 El Ano Nuevo

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